Too Small to Fail

Posted On: 18 May, 2017 /Posted By: Rashad AbdulAzeem

In 2016 we have seen a rise in malware ransomware and a somewhat increased resistance. The Emory Hospital Breach in Atlanta GA saw a quick $17,000 in ransomware plus more in loss business due to network required shutdown for remediation. Customer trust loss, and.remediation/repair costs.There are still some on the fringes of data security believing they are safe because… Well they are too small to fail. With such a small attack surface who would think to attack, compromise or steal my network. While some of this is true to a degree. As larger companies and corporations have a larger public facing network and thus do have more diligence due to safeguard their customers. But isn’t it obvious that a one sided view to any problem is usually leaving us open to exaggeration and future setbacks?

The reality? The reality is bot scans do not discriminate IP addresses to determine if businesses are large or small and worth the time. In fact according to the Verizon breach report small businesses are 40% more likely to be breached. The reason are not just one.but for starters A. the assumption that they are too small and not a target. B. That they have no information that would be valuable once stolen. C. They’re aware of the first two but are unable to see it as a real threat and/or don’t know how to find the right solutions. This includes the idea that repair/remediation is better than what is often seen as costly and time consuming pro active engagement.

One of the first no cost move small and medium businesses can do is change the mindset. Avoiding the problem.will obviously not make our firm’s any safer.  And just dumping money into the.problem will not either. The first step we can take is to know we are not too small to fail and  plan accordingly.


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