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Techinetics: New Network Security & Infrastructure Design Company Launched

Posted On: 19 April, 2017 /Posted By: Rashad AbdulAzeem


Techinetics is proud to announce the launch of its site and full services available now. The company specializes in secure operational environments for businesses and their clients, operational maintenance and systems growth projections for long-term growth.

Using the latest data security technologies, Techinetics offers infrastructure design and implementation, tech support services, complete network security and constant monitoring. The comprehensive service also provides business security planning and modeling, daily monitoring of systems performance, customer service support, outstanding maintenance tools and established thresholds and models to determine future improvement. Businesses can choose to customize the service depending on their own specific network security needs.

” Rashad Abdul Azeem, the Founder and CEO of  Techinetics, has over fifteen years of industry experience as a systems security consultant, network designer and communications analyst. His knowledge and expertise sets the company apart from competitors. Rashad’s thorough strategy creates a plan for clients that provides the clarity needed to prevent future threats while saving you thousands in lost productivity and revenue.”

Visit the brand new site today to learn more about Techinetics all-encompassing services!